Thursday, August 03, 2006


Hello! and some baby gifts

Hi everyone. I am brand new - a fairly new knitter and this is my first knitalong. I have some baby gifts I made for my nephew to share. I used Peaches and Cream for the kimono. The blankie is Baby Ull, and I used 2 strands. It has a single crochet border. Hope you like them! I loved making them. Log cabin knitting can get addictive, I think.

The blanket is gorgeous! Really, great color choices!
Oh my! TJ, would you swear on a stack of Mason-Dixon Knittings that you are a "fairly new" knitter? Fabulous work.
Beautiful blanket, I love it!
the blanket is just beautiful! nice job!
Beautiful blanket and I'm sure your nephew is going to love it!
Can't believe you are a "fairly" new knitter.
Wonderful! What a fabulous gift. Lucky nephew!
beautiful blanket! i love the color layout!
Oooh, I LOVE that blanket!
Just beautiful. If you are a new knitter, you really found your calling.
I agree with everyone else, what an amazing blanket... when I was a new knitter I was just making plain-old garter stitch scarves. The kimono is so nice too, love the button placement.
Way to rock your new hobby! November is my one year knitting anniversary :) Way to expand your knitting skills and love that blanket. Can you tell us more about the yarn, I've never heard of it :)
I love this pattern. I am a new knitter myself...and would really love to know where I can find this pattern. It looks much more interesting than my knitting sampler right now.
Wow, and a brave new knitter you are to boot. The picking up of stitches scared me for a long time, but you seem to have mastered it. Beautiful.
Yep, I will have been knitting for one year as of October. My family and friends will tell you that I am obsessed, and I knit all the time.

Now, to describe the yarn. Since I'm new, this is hard. I cheated and looked up descriptions on the net to help. The Baby Ull by Dale of Norway is a fingering weight 100% washable wool. It comes in a large variety of colors and is very soft. As I was knitting with it, I described it as "boingy." I saw it used for sample projects in the Sensational Knitted Socks book, too. It would make nice colorful and soft socks. It is pretty expensive for a blankie, as my newbie self discovered when I had to make a second trip to the yarn shop to double the amount of yarn I had originally bought. I like the way it turned out, though!
What everyone else said...this is gorgeous and looks really tidy, too. :)
LOVE YOUR CREATIONS! Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting! You are off to a terrific start!
Must tear myself away from these Ballbands to try a Log Cabin blanket!
I would love to make this blankie using your color combination. Do you remember how many skeins/hanks of each color you bought?

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