Thursday, August 03, 2006


Ball band Dish towel variation

I really liked the MDBB dishcloths I made from the book and decided to make some dish towels to complement them for a set I made for my MIL.

I belong to the MonthlyDishcloth yahoo group and got a lot of requests to write out the pattern. You can find it here on my blog.

Oh that is fabulous! I love that!!!
I LOVE the towels! Those look great :) I fantasize about knitting all my own kitchen towels/dishclothes.
I love this color combo! Kudos!
Those are cute.
These are fantastic!!! What na great way to make a set of dishcloths and towels.
great pattern! I love how the "bricks" only appear as accent stripes- very nice!
Would you share the pattern for the scrubby things, too?
thats a new variation on the ball band! i like it...very cool!
Oh WOW! What an awesome set, your MIL should feel very special on recieving such a nice present!
What a great idea!
What beautiful gifts I could make with your adaptation. Thanks for posting your towel pattern!
I am also a monthly dishcloth group member-but a newbie since the spring!
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