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Help requested re: bib

Hi, all.
I finally got a chance to try the burpcloth pattern (I love it, although it's more dull to knit than, say, a ballband....) and I wanted to make a bib to match. I thought it would be cute to do a bib in one color with the other color border all around. But I'm not a talented-enough knitter to figure out how to do that. I started with yellow and knit 3 rows on the bottom of the bib, then decided to do a 3 stitch yellow border on each side, with orange in the middle (see pic). But I immediately figured out that the two wouldn't be attached. So I started just wrapping the yarns around each other but that looked messy, so I decided to alternate 3 yellow stitches and 4 yellow stitches, but that's showing little jogs on the right side... :(

So do any of you have advice for me? I'm not too far in now and could frog at this point, but I need to get it done for a shower gift this weekend!

Or any other ideas (other than striping) to use both colors for the bib would be helpful, too. I don't have enough of either yarn to do a full bib in each color, unfortunately...

Thanks in advance--SOOOO much! :)


I made a bib using the baby genius design-- see my pic a ways below. But if you are short on yarn you may not have enough for a full bib in that pattern. I did another, shown in the same picture, where I knew I only had a bit of blue. It is striped but sort of randomly so and the amount of blue worked out just right with only a smidge left over. There is always intarsia- but I havne't ventured there yet. Or maybe you could add a couple other coordinating colors and make a log cabin bib? I did a log cabin dishcloth and adding straps would be a snap.
How about this: Knit the yellow border on the bottom. Switch to the orange and knit the bib. Then when you're done, divide the remaining yellow yarn in half. Take one half, and pick up the stitches along the side of the big (like in a log cabin) and knit until you have just enough yarn left to bind off. (If you calculate 1" of yarn per picked up stitch you'll have plenty for the bind off.) Do the same on the other side. Weave in ends. Sew on a nice big yellow button. Cute!
oooh.. log cabin sounds like a neat idea! I never thought about that! :) Those two colors and maybe white or cream or even red! cool!!!
and picking up stitches sounds good, too. Thank you! I swear my mind just does NOT function sometimes... :)
I'd try intarsia with 2 balls of yellow for the border. If you twist the yarn when you change color, it'll be joined and leave a nice neat seam on the back. But to avoid long strands across the back, you'll need to have a ball of yellow on both sides. I use bobbins for things like that.
You could always use the border technique used for the Moderne Baby Blanket in the book. It makes a nice, crisp edging.
One word: intarsia
It appears that I was "intarsia-ing" correctly, but is it possible that it's because I was doing garter (and not stockinette) that's why the edges looked so funky?
and I decided to try to log-cabin it. Gotta get this thing made this weekend. I'll try to post pics when finished. Thanks for everyones help!
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