Saturday, August 05, 2006


Sugar and Cream .99

Ladies, get your hats. And your DH's credit card. Sugar and Cream is on sale at Hobby Lobby next week for $0.99 again. I was just in there today and wished I had more money to buy more cotton. Alas, first of the month = end of the money. :D Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


Do you reckon they would ship some to me in Bonnie Scotland? Probably not!
Have fun spend, spend, spending!!
I'll mail you some minxxy. Just let me know the colors and how many. Oh and of course the address. Thanks for the heads up on the sale. It is always time to restock.
Thanks for the tip... I am in need of a restock. I think the boyfriend would freak if he knew I was buying more yarn, though, so we'll leave his card (or any other tangible evidence) out of it! :)
It doesnt look like the sale is online as well =(
No Hobby Lobby near me. They must build one soon!
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