Friday, August 04, 2006


Euroflax/Moss Grid Qeustion

I started my first Euroflax project today, a moss grid placemat. Basically, I'm using the identical pattern for the moss grid hand towel but using a smaller (size 4) needle in the hope of getting a slightly firmer fabric for the placemat. I realize it will still be soft and drapey, but that's okay. Here's how much I have done so far:

I do have a question, though. It doesn't show up in the photo, but even on size 4 needles, this seems to be a very open knit by the very nature of the Euroflax. Can someone tell me if, once washed, the Euroflax will "swell" and fill itself in a little bit to make a less open knit, more along the lines of the photos in MDK? Or should I frog this now and start on MUCH smaller needles? I know we're supposed to "trust the yarn," but I'm a New Yorker -- I don't trust anybody! LOL

For my Euroflax dishcloths I used a size 2 needle. You can see a couple of them on my blog to see how tightly they knit up.

I don't feel like they "tighten" up with washing. They just get softer.
Mine didn't tighten up, they just draped nicely. I cannot imagine knitting the euroflax with a size 2 needle! I almost pitched the hand towel project halfway through on my size 5s. Oh, the mundanity.
I used a three and felt I could have gone down a size. It does soften up after wahing but doen't bloom. I knit one on 3s washed it twice still didn't like it ripped it and reknit on the threes. The washed yarn was able to be knit tighter on the 3s. Savannah chick has instructions for washing linen yarn before you knit it.

YOu can see my towel on my blog.
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