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Need Absorba Advice

I finally cast on my Absorba today, and I noticed that when I started the 3rd log there was a row of what looked like stockinette before the garter ridges started. At first I was just going to leave it, but (forever the perfectionist) I ripped the whole log out. I started the log again with a purl row - which, of course, locked me into doing the whole log in purl rows instead of knit rows. This takes me much longer, and I'm worried that it's going to affect my gauge. Did anyone else have this problem? Any advice you can offer would be much appreciated!

Tara--I haven't knit this through yet, but is the third log picked up on the cast-on row of your first block? Are you doing a long tail cast-on? If so, look at the cast-on row: one side will be a smooth chain, one side will be bumps. Try making the smooth chain side the right side of your log, and see if that eliminates the extra row when you're picking up. Hope this helps.
You were exactly right! I did use a long tail cast-on, and the third log was picked up along the cast-on row on the first block! It's like you have Knitting ESP! I'm so impressed. I did end up working the entire third log in purl stitches, but now I'm wondering if I'll have to do the same for the rest of the mat. It sounds like, from your advice, I shouldn't have to. Am I correct that this is only going to be a problem with that third log?

Thanks so much for responding!!
Knitting ESP--hee! Again, I haven't knit this through, but since you're picking up along garter ridges and bound off edges from this point on, everything should be cool. I hope--keep us posted. Signed, Terri D., Knitting Psychic.
Okay, I started my 4th log and had the same problem! I'm pretty close to just accepting that I'm going to have to finish this bulky project in purl stitches. ARGH! I'll let you know what the 5th log does. :-(
I think maybe you're just looking too closely at your picked up row. Look at the other rows of GS carefully and you'll see that there is a tiny stockinette valley between each purl bump. And yeah, as you pick up the stitches it may seem a little more noticable. But man oh man no way would I purl this entire beast. I've done three, and when all was done, there is no noticable stockinette weirdness. Good luck.
This happened to me too. It is the longtail cast on. I dont know if backwards loop cast on would fix it. I just left it as cant see it when it is laying on the floor :-)
I think I've figured out what I did. When I finished my first log, I casted off and my last stitch was on the right hand side rather than the left hand side. I'm not 100% sure, but I believe this is the cause of the problem. I am still purling, and I plan to continue this way until I'm done. I'd rather do it this way than have that flaw - it would bother me forever! I promise to post pictures when I'm done with this thing! P.S. My hands hurt! ;-)
I'm sure that all of the toes that scrunch on Absorba will appreciate the work!
This happened to me, and I was a little peeved. But I figured I was just noticing it more because the stitches are so huge. So I finished mine and tried not to worry about it. Once it's finished, everything kind of scrunches together so it's not so noticable. You can check out pics of mine at
I just almost had this happen and here's why. I am doing another kimono, and I started the second side. When I attached the yarn and knit the first row, it was definitely stockinette. So I realized that I just needed to attach the yarn at the other end of the row. So I tinked the stockinette row and restarted at the other end of the row, knit across and it was perfect. Does this help? I hope so. -- Sally
I have been haveing the "first pickup row" look like stockinette,when I want it/demand to be all garter stitch,all the time. I fixed mine by just doing the first row in purl then switching to GS in row 2.It makes a small stockinette ridge on the back, but I love the way that on the right side the GS ridge hugs the pick up row.I tried to do it all in purl,but like our friend Tara,I want to do this in garter stitch.Cause me and gater feel the love.Blanckie love is the best. good luck dennyxoxox
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