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Help!!! Re: Vinegar solution for less fading

A few weeks ago I read a comment about soaking cotton yarn in a vinegar solution for less color fading. Does anyone remember this? I am about to give some bibs and washcloths to a new mom and would like to treat them for her. Thanks!!! (I really need to start writing this stuff down as I find it)

Hi Amy,

I posted that comment. :)

You soak your never-before-washed article in a solution of one part vinegar to one part water, doesn't matter how much as long as it's equal parts.

I always use a cup of water to a cup of vinegar and do only one item at a time.

Hope this helps! ;)
Amy...I think a lot of us commented on that subject ;)

After the 1/1 soak, wash items normally and machine dry on low heat till slightly damp. I hang my damp bibs over the clothesline (indoors) but someone else said they shape them and dry them flat. Whatever works for you.

I'm sending a few off in the mail later this month. Likely, the expectant mom will want to wash them herself w/her own products before using them on her baby.
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Back on July 24 I posted a "Helpful Tip" about soaking dishcloths in vinegar and water to make them more colorfast.

I only mentioned it that it was "my comment" in case my tip was the post you were referring to. :)

Best regards,
Hey Berna...I didn't mean to contradict you. There were a bunch of comments about the vinegar soak stuff a while back in different posts. I remembered that there were so many comments about it because I was thinking "I wish this info had been in the MDK book." At least, I don't think it was mentioned in MDK (?).

I should have been clearer in my comments :)
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