Friday, August 04, 2006


Flying Geese Blanket

"Hmmm," I thought to myself sometime in the last week or so, "We are experiencing record heat. I think I'll make a wool blanket."

....or something like that.

I am actually really enjoying this project. The little triangles are so small that as soon as I 'v started on it's almost finished. Then I get to start a new one with a new color. I am using up lots of scrap yarn left over from other projects. So far there is Brown Sheep Nature Spun, Brown Sheep Lampbs Pride Superwash, Plymouth Encore, Knitpicks Wool of the Andes, some lovely alpaca that has long since lost it's ballband, Briggs and Little Regal, and some unidentified yarn that I think is wool or a wool blend.

I am making the large squares a little bit different than the pattern in the book. I pick up stitches along the sides of 2 of the flying geese strips and make a big mitered square. That way there will be fewer seams to sew at the end. And mitered sguares are more fun. I'm not sure that I like how the row of stiches along the picked up edge isn't perfectly streight. I think I'd prefer livingwith the imperfection rather than ripping and reknitting them.

Looking good so far! Will be interesting to see the finished blanket.
These are great. How big are the finished squares? I looked at these in the book and thought they'd be too "fiddly" but you make them sound pretty rewarding and quick. I can't wait to try them now! Thanks for sharing them. Yours are the first I've seen. --Sally
Very nice. Wool in the heat! LOL. I was waiting for someone to get brave and make this, so I could see another example of it.
I was thinking that it would be wonderful to knit this blanket. Now you proved it.
That does look like fun!
Thanks for the complements.

Each of the finished squares is 1' by 1'. When all 6 squares are finished, flying geese strips are added to the 2 sides that need them, and a border is added all around, the finished blanket should be about 2' 8" by 3' 8". (If my math is correct.) A nice size for draping over a lap or two when the weather is cold again.
Oh, that's fabulous! I'm dying to make that afghan, too, and was thinking of picking up stitches & doing the mitered thing too. I was planning on doing it with various scraps, too, but I want to finish my 2 log cabin afghans, first - or at least one of them, and I should probably work on the mitered st st square afghan as well!
That looks absolutely lovely. I like the way the traditional quilt block looks in this wool -- softer and more textured, yet still with crisp outlines.
It does look great and that's exactly right. Record heat wave? Wool is the answer.
Wow, looks great. I certainly have enough ends to do something similar.
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