Sunday, August 06, 2006


Ballband Bathmat in situ

Here it is -- the great Ballband Bathmat, finished except for weaving in the ends. It took a whopping 44 ounces of Peaches n Cream/Sugar n Cream to make the 21 rows of yellow "bricks" needed to give it a nice, rectangular shape. Overall, I'm really happy with this bathmat. I love the way it looks and that I can easily make matching washcloths and hand towels. I also found it less boring a pattern to work than the Absorba, although I also love the way Absorba looks when finished. I think I'll cast on a washcloth next and start putting together a complete bath set for my mom for Christmas....

This is gorgeous! I bow in the face of that much yarn :)
Speechless. So impressive. How long did it take you to complete it?
Thanks for the nice comments! It took about a week and a half of knitting maybe every other night. Some nights I only did one row of bricks; others, I'd plunk down in front of a movie and crank out several. The most time-consuming part was constantly making sure all my strands weren't in a deadly tangled mess!
Does it feel as soft and nice to walk on as it looks? I've had a dtm of yarn myself before. No fun. It looks beautiful!
Wow, splindarella--good job! I'm slogging my way through the Absorba right now; you've inspired me to slog on. Here's my corny tip for avoiding the deadly tangled mess--I stuck my skeins in a shoebox and threaded the yarn through holes I punched in the side.
IT'S GORGEOUS! lOVE THE CHEERY COLORS! Splindarella, take a bow!!!
Is it knit with 2 strands together?
how many strands did you hold together? what size needles?

It looks great! I feel inspired to make one!
the colors are beautiful! Great choice
Wow, Splindarella it's awesome! I'm also slogging my way thru the Absorbia but wish now I had started this one instead. Good job and thanks for the inspiration.
I like it! It would make a nice kitchen mat, too, especially since it's washable.
I just LOVE This! I soo have to try it. Need to buy more yarn first but it looks sooo great I can't resist!!! You did a wonderful job.
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