Monday, August 07, 2006


Favor requested re: bib

Hi, all!
I'm on vacation at my mom's (VERY slow dialup connection--can't get it to display photos, etc.) and working on the bib I was making (log cabin style--very cute!) but I left my copy of MDK at home because my mom owns it, but she loaned it to a friend who hasn't returned it yet! Could one of you possibly look up the baby bib pattern and tell me how many stitches wide the strap is? I'm also thinking of doing the bib from one side with the button hole at the end of it and button on the front of the bib. Can you tell me how many stitches wide the button hole should be and how many rows from the end of the strap? To be REALLY obnoxious, I can't read this blog at my mom's (the slow connection) so if someone could possibly email me at, that'd be such a help. You might want to post here if you do, so more than one person doesn't email.

Thanks in advance! (I hate slow internet connections... :()

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