Monday, August 07, 2006


Ballband Bathmat Details

A few people have asked for details about my Ballband Bathmat (shown here next to matching finished and on-the-needles washcloths), so here goes:

Yes, it's as soft and squooshy as it looks. In fact, it feels so good underfoot that it's taking a serious act of willpower for me to pack it away for a Christmas gift instead of putting it right in my own bathroom (which just happens to be yellow).

It really does take 44 ounces of PnC/SnC worsted weight cotton; I figure based on the number of rows that 2/3 (or approx. 29 oz) was in the yellow shades and 1/3 (approx. 15 oz) was in white. I used 6 strands of PnC white held together for the slip stitch rows and 4 strands of PnC yellow ombre plus 2 strands of SnC yellow solid (for a total of 6 strands held together) for the bricks. I originally tried using only 4 strands held together for each, but it didn't turn out nearly as squooshy and yummy. I wound up frogging and using the full 6, even though it's a bear to keep them from getting tangled. If you're planning on buying directly from Elmore Pisgah, you may just want to buy the double worsted PnC so you can cut down on the number of strands. My needle size was 15, I cast on 51 stitches and worked 21 rows of bricks.

Thanks for all the positive comments! I think I may go rifle through my PnC/SnC stash and start another one....

I like the idea of a Ballband bathmat I may have to make one from my leftovers :)
Amazing....I would never have figured all of that out. Thanks for sharing the details.
That's so cool! It cracks me up how tiny the warshrag looks next to it. Thanks for the details; I think I'll try it!
thanks for the pattern update! Love it!
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