Monday, August 07, 2006


Ballband Madness Continues

The washrag-a-palooza continues. The cloth on the left is to evoke the look of Blackwatch Plaid (in honor of my Scot heritage). The real colors are "Mixed Berries" and Yellow. Both are Sugar and Cream Cotton.

The cloth on the left is purple and black in honor of my nephew making the Cherry Hill West football team. Go LIONS!!! I know the photo looks like it's blue, but in real life, it's purple. LOL

I'm off to dig through the stash and see what two colors come up next. Stay tuned.

great colors!
Looks Great! I've noticed with mine I tend to do lighter colors for the border, but I really like the look of the darker color. I'll have to give that a go soon.
Your Blackwatch color scheme rules! Anything that looks like tartan is great by me, but that had to take some consideration. Nice!
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