Tuesday, August 08, 2006


"Naked Warshcloth!!!"

Not for the faint of heart...... her she is in her, umm "Natural" state. She looks good in the buff dontcha think?

Hmmm, kinda like it...I have been thinking of doing one in just hot green with no contrasting color but kinda like the neutral.
thanks for the photo
Very Zen. I like it.
I was thinking of doing an all-white one, since I always bleach my warshclothes. Thanks for sharing - I like it!
I like it too.....a nice option to try.
I was thinking about one like that... I just joined a knitting group that meets at a cafe and we wanted to make holiday gifts they could use. They will need to be able to bleach them!
I love it! What a different look it gets as compared to the other two that are in the picture.
That is spectacular!
That is spectacular!
That was clever of you...with all the combinations that everyone is trying to put together...just a natural one looks great....don't have to wonder what matches with what....great gift idea also....plain and simple...have to try one myself...
Yes ma'am...she does look good nekked. I started one in a "natural" cotton boucle, but decided it was a little too loopy. Been waiting to drive into town to pick up some white or cream...and there you go. I love it. Good on ya!
Absolutely beautiful!
The white one looks like a completely different pattern. It looks awesome. Could you be on to something?
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