Tuesday, October 31, 2006


greetings from a lurker

Hi all:

Kristina from Toronto here. I have been lurking for a while... but finally have the courage to post some stuff. A recent Mason-Dixon convert, I have been busily working away at felting and a log cabin blanket. Please see photos below. Please also see my (new and very unsophisticated) blog for more info...

Buttonhole Bag No. 1 - Lamb's Pride Worsted

Moderne Baby Blanket - Bernat cotton

Buttonhole Bag No. 2 - Lamb's Pride Worsted

Kindly forgive formatting booboos on this post - I can turn the computer on and off and type, and that's about it :-). Rather shameful at 36 years old...!

Also, many thanks to Cristina for her patience in helping me sign up for this blog!



PS Happy Hallowe'en!

Love your Moderne! I really am going to have to break down and make one of those ... every one I see makes me like the pattern more.
Cute blanket! I had to comment, as you spell your name the same way as I do! So exciting!
Thanks to both of you for the nice feedback. Also good to meet a similarly spelled name person (does that make sense?... at work so obviously not thinking clearly).

Lani: would highly recommend making the blanket. I was daunted at first due to its size relative to other projects. However, I liked doing it so much that I'm starting on a full sized one! It did not take as long as you might think.
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Hey! Very cute Buttonhole bag. I had a similar pattern and color scheme in mind with mine, although yours came out a lot nicer!
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Bag and blankie are both beautiful!!
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