Saturday, March 17, 2007


Mason Dixon Great Bathmat

Okay. I just got back from Joanne's and saw that they have a Lion Brand 1lb Cotton Cone. It's a 4 ply worsted weight yarn. Do you think you can use 3 strands of this to make the bathmat? The pattern calls for the Peaches & Creme double worsted which I researched and found that it is 8 ply.

Has anyone used this Lion Brand Cotton Cone before ???

I made a bathmat, just cast on 55 stitches and knit every row, size 13 needles, and 3 strands of peaches & cream, turned out great, nice and soft on the feet.

I use 2 strands from a cone and 1 from odds and ends from washrags.
To substitute worsted (4-ply) for the double worsted (8-ply), you must use twice as many strands as the pattern calls for.

The Lion Cotton isn't quite as soft as Peaches & Crème, but it is softer than Sugar & Cream.

You can buy Peaches & Crème double worsted cones at
I made the mat with regular worsted Sugar n Cream, and details about how many strands I used, etc are here:

I haven't used Lion Cotton before.

I do know that once the mat is knitted up it is really squishy, so that could make up for whatever cotton you decide to use. :)
I used Lion Cotton on a (undocumented on here because I'm not a member, yep, lazy) baby kimono a few weeks ago. It is thicker strand for stand than either of the "& Cream" yarns, but not twice as thick.
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