Saturday, May 05, 2007


The Mason Dixon Amazing Technicolor Dish Towel

Here is a dish towel based on the ever popular Ball Band dishcloth. I had all these small left overs of cotton yarn that would not make a whole dishcloth so I thought I would de-stash the the odd bits with a towel. The de-stashing worked a bit- but then I had to buy more colors to fill out some of my color scheme.
This caught Ann's eye while I was working on it when she and Kay visited Abundant Yarn and Dye Works in Portland, Oregon. Ann said "I've never seen one in so many colors." Is that good or bad?
Anyway it's very cheerful and I like it well enough that I actually hesitate to use it.
Thanks for looking.

I LOVE it. What a great use for those little bits of cotton that aren't quite big enough to actually make something, but are too big to toss out!
I love it, but don't hesitate to use it. Remember, MUST USE HANDKNITS>>>>
So pretty! Another vote to use it! It will last a long time and cheer you while working in the kitchen.

I love that you had to buy more yarn when you were trying to destash. Happens to me all the time. : )
I like it!!
It's not good--it's GREAT! I just love it!
It's really cool!

Now I know what to do with all of *my* little bits of cotton. Thanks!
How wonderful of you to share how to use up little bits of cotton left. I think it is awesome.
What a great idea.
I love it!!
I love your transitional color scheme!: striping solid and variegated yarn but using two solid colors on either side of a variegated stripe that are both colors in the variegated stripe. Great idea.
I love it too. That's a great idea for those left overs.
That looks so great! I made my ballbands into dishcloths too :)
The technicolor dish towel rocks! Nice job!
Your dish towel is beautiful, how many stitches did you cast on & how long did you make it? I have a stupid question, I do the long-tail cast on, do I start with a knit or purl row?

Thank you so much for helping.

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