Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Log cabin question

Hi All,
I don't really need to knit a blanket, I don't really need to buy more yarn but I feel compelled to knit a log cabin blanket. I already made an Absorba mat so I know the technique, etc.

My question: Has anyone made a log cabin blanket with KnitPicks Crayon? I think it has the colors I want and would be washable. Any thoughts? Any idea how much yarn I would need to make a Queen sized topper?

look for the post titled
"Pima Cotton Log Cabin" it shows a beautiful log cabin someone has started in knit pick crayon. Looks so soft and the colors are bright and pretty.
ahhh thank to hunt for it now.
Yes -- I'm working on one now. It's coming out great -- check my blog at The Crayon is wonderful, and the price is definitely right.
I think someone below made one out of KnitPicks Pima Cotton and from the picture it looks great! I was thinking of making one out of it too! Good luck!
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