Wednesday, August 09, 2006


~took me long enough!~ ;)

Well, I'm hanging my head in shame, since I was a member of this KAL pretty much from the start, and here I am just posting something from the book! I have read and re-read the book (It is an enjoyable read, don't you all think?), drooled over the pictures, and have tried very hard to finish up some of my WIP's before "starting" something new! Well, I have made the ball band "warshcloths" for years, so they don't count, soooooooooooo, while on vacation, I weakend and started a Log Cabin! I soothed some of my guilt by using stash yarn and am enjoying this knit more than I can say!

I'm dying to try the curtain panel and some of the hand towels - I've never knit with the Euroflax before so it should be fun!

Happy Knitting!

looks like a great start!
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