Saturday, September 02, 2006


I have a really dumb question

I am doing the first of 2 bibs - I'm on the straps now -- after I get the one strap to 5 inches and bind off -- when I start the next strap (the 10 stitches on the needle still) how do I do it so the adding new yarn looks good - or do I just leave a long tail and weave it in later.

thanks - these are for a shower next weekend for twins


I just leave a long tail and weave it in - you have to keep pulling it really tight at that end & after a wash, it usually looks perfect :)

I'm making some of these too for a friend for next weekend.
Thanks -- I'm having fun doing these and was worried - why I don't know since everything in the book is great.

I had to check where you lived to be sure it wasn't the same friend :D

I'm going to do matching burp cloths also - with the main color of the bib and an off white.

I'm looking for some fun beach theme buttons to use as the mom and the grandma (geeze that felt weird writing as the grandma is a year younger than me and there is no way I could be a grandparent LOL) are both beach people.
dumb question....HELP! my blog is a blogger acct. someone my comments section was disabled and for the life of me i cant figure out how to enable it!
go to where you would add a post and click on the change settings go to the comment section and I think it is the 3rd one down where you can say who can comment make it anyone and that should do it - but I'm no computer genius so I could be wrong -- that is the page you would do it on though.
Rho, I did like Kate and just left a long tail to weave it. I've made four so far and they turned out great. I'm sure your friend and the twins will love them!
when adding, make sure to add from the inside rather than the outside. Otherwise you get a flat area instead of a garter ridge. I know 'cause I did it wrong -twice! Have fun.
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After a bit of perplexion myself, I too just took the end I chopped off from the first strap and started knitting again. But I see as jamboRafiki mentioned, I obviously did it from the outside too, because I've got a flat spot. But considering it's a FO made with love, I don't think my friends will mind. ;-)
Thanks again - one down (except for weaving in the ends and finding buttons) and starting the second today -- then comes the burp cloths -- I will have questions there too I am sure LOL
Here's a warning for you about those burp cloths: I seem to fly through the bibs, but the burp cloths take me a good bit longer & more than just 1 ball of a color. It makes sense because they're bigger, but if only they were as quick as the bibs!
I knit the first two stitches, then grab the tail and knit it in with the working yarn so it weaves itself in. I HATE weaving in ends, so this leaves me one less to do!
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