Thursday, November 02, 2006


Lincoln Logs

Log Cabin Throw for Mom. I have tons of stash yarn in the colors of her sitting room. (It's very Moroccan with lots of orange and gold and creams.)

Here's the problem I'm having right now: I can't decide if I want to knit the log cabin blanket in long, long, long, long heavy never ending rows of garter stitch -OR- if I want to knit 9 smaller, more manageable squares, but then have to do miles and miles and miles of seaming.


Here is my progress as of a few days ago. It's getting down to the wire about the blocks... I could always do 4 large blocks. Ugh. I can't make decisions!!!!

I'd vote for four large blocks. That way, you won't have as much seaming, but you won't have to drive yourself nuts with the garter strips if you don't want to.

I'm thinking of making my next Log Cabin that way; the long garter strips are lovely, but they can seem endless sometimes...
I think it depends on your personal preference. Me, I'd totally go for the long garter stitch strips, because I HATE seaming! But you may feel the opposite way entirely.
Personally, I like the look of the smaller blocks better. And I don't mind seaming. So, I would do 9 small blocks. But, that's just my preference.
I have put my log cabin on hold because it was getting long...far too long! I think a few smaller blocks sound like a good idea, more portable, and not too much seaming. Hmmmm...I might just begin again!
I hate seaming, but after doing a few mitre-blankets for babies, I see the wisdom of portability. Either will look great.
My personal preference is the long strips. I've done two and really enjoy them. The seaming would drive me nuts!!
I vote for blocks, especially if you're prone to any kind of wrist or arm problems. Like many, I hate seaming, but toward the end of my log cabin (which was only a lap blanket, really) I really began to dread the long rows.
4 large blocks. If you haven't decided by now, you just don't want to do miles of garter stitch.

Besides, it would look so cool!
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