Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Ballbands and Bailiffs do NOT get along

Hello everyone! SpiderWomanKnits here submitting my first MDKAL post from beautiful Western Massachusetts.

I received my copy of Mason Dixon Knitting last week and can't take my eyes off it. I immediately cast on for this dishcloth and the process of knitting it turned in to quite the saga. Let's just say that the Berkshire Superior Court system is NOT knitter friendly. You can read about it here and here if you are so inclined.

I am enjoying all the contributions to this KAL and look forward to the process of interpretation. Next up on my 'Must Knit List' from the book is the Bubbly Curtain or maybe some of those adorable Bibs or wait some Log Cabin action might be nice or hmmm my friends new baby could use a Kimono or perhaps some mitred squares or ....(You get the idea. There is a lot of great stuff to knit in this book!) Love it!

I can NOT imagine the frustration. Actually, I can (been through jury duty with a frightening experience of my own). But how ridiculous. Your ballband dishcloth looks very nice inspite of the ordeal. Thanks for sharing (and warning.) I can't put the book down either!
I feel your pain...i was shocked that I couldn't knit when I had J.D. here in L.A. a few months back. Dishcloth looks wonderful...
I made a dishcloth using the exact same colors! Luckily, I have no scary jury duty story to go along with it!
Hi Spiderwoman! Cool colors! That's my next project, I think. I agree, western Mass. is beautiful. We spent our honeymoon in the Berkshires. So much to see and enjoy there. Is there still a yarn shop in Great Barrington ( i think?) called Wonderful Things?
Happy knitting!
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