Thursday, July 20, 2006


Call the Doctor!

I've got Absorba-itis.

Well, I finished it in 3 nights of TV knitting, but man are my fingers sore and my wrists tired. I have been forced to read for a couple days to recover.

Here she is, in all her MSU Spartan colors glory: (2 strands ecru, 1 forest)
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A couple of comments:
1. I knit this rug on 9" sz. 13 clovers. I don't have any longer ones, maybe that's why I am so sore...

2. Does it seem strange that I have almost have a cone x3 left over? I always seem to always have way more yarn leftover than the pattern calls for. I can get 3 ballbands from 2 balls of SnC as well. hmmm... Guess I'll have to make another one of these puppies to use it up, but that is a project which will wait for awhile. *oh the pain* *giggle*

3. It is extra sqooshy and lovely. DH and his size 14 feet are in love.

After my self-mandated recovery time with Kristin Lavransdatter, I plan to miter a few for Jennifer...

Happy MD knitting all!

It looks great! Great colors!
Absorba on 9" needles?!?! Bless your heart! I think I was up to a 36" circular till I was done. It's gorgeous, love the colors. I had tons of yarn left from mine too. I seem to remember the pattern in the book didn't really give specific yardage, just said 3 cones. Maybe they had leftovers too. I'm on my second Absorba but haven't had much time to knit on it. My fist one only took a week of evening knitting.
Well, when I do a second for my brother in law, I will definately have longer needles on hand.

I have a lot of leftovers from my absorba as well. Sadly, I thought I was finished and the boyfriend (to whom absorba is going) said he would like it a little bigger, please. I fear that I will use up the half cone left and have a 50 pound bathmat to deal with. And broken wrists. And no matching towels.


Your's looks great!
lol mariel!
I'm with Lisa, you gotta use circulars. With straights, the whole weight of the rug is pulling on your wrists the whole time. Ouch!!
Kristin Lavrensdatter? Are you reading it now? I read those books years ago. Really liked them.
Yes, it came highly recommended. Haven't gotten to any good parts yet... Matter of fact, I was just looking at patterns, trying to plan my next stashbuster, after the miters for Jen.

*note to self* Stashbuster does not mean buy new yarn, have for five minutes, then consider it stash and start knitting with it....
I love it. Mostly because it's got SPARTAN SPIRIT! But also because it's knitted. The Big 10 and knitting, what could possiably go better together. From one Spartan to another, great job!
Thanks Kristina! My DH and his brother, both alums, are getting them. DH absolutely loves his!

I'll probably make matching pot holders and ballbands for my BIL's x-mas gift, and call it his kitchen set. That way, he'll actually get some use out of my knitted gift!
Looks great. Must put on my list of things to do.
ooooh! i'm an MSU alumnus! go spartans!

i was wondering where you got your absorba? online? i'm looking to make a bath mat like this too.

I bought the yarn at Wal-Mart. It is what the pattern in Mason Dixon calls for- I used two strands of Peaches and Cream ecru, and 1 strand of forest.
OMG - Kristen Lavransdatter! Only my favorite book. I thought I was the only one who ever read it these days. :)
I've been wanting to make an Absorba, but dread what it will do to my hands! knitting with just one strand of cotton is hard enough. We'll see...maybe with the nice fat needles it will work.
Go Spartans! I'm starting classes there in about a month.

I love how your bathmat turned out. I can see why this thing was so heavy.. it even looks like it would absorb a whole bathtub if you let it. You did a really great job!
Goldendomer, are your starting undergrad or grad school?
Rose, does your Wal-mart actually carry the double worsted, or did you make yours with the single weight "regular" Peaches & Creme?
I just used the regular worsted. I? didn't even realize it said double worsted...

*giggle* My absorba was only an inch less than the width in the book, so I'd say it doesn't matter! Just keep knitting until you reach the size you want. You definately won't run out of yarn!
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