Friday, August 11, 2006


Baby Bib for my nephew.....

The suggestion in the book was "I heart uncle Bob", but I went for "I heart my aunt" *LOL" (oh, in norwegian of course...) My nephew isn't born yet (September), I'm trying to get a head start in the race with my other sister in becoming his Favourite Aunt................... -Bente B-

What a cute idea. Now don't forget to get a picuter of you and him while he is wearing the bib.
I absolutely love how simple and sweet the bib is. The patch is just perfect. Hmmm, ya think I could learn to embroider?? ;-)
I am thoroughly impressed with your finishing skills -- the bib looks beautiful!
That's darling! Great!
I love this bib! Such sweet simplicity!!
Very charming...I'm sure that other family members will request you make ones that say, "I love my grandma," etc.
This just sings! And it was very generous of you not to specify a particular aunt......the finishing is so perfect. xox kay
You inspired BUY premade tags! There's no way I could make such cute tags (my fingers would bleed all over the FO), so I just sucked it up and ordered some today.

Just adorable!
A dorable!
Love the tag and the button!
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