Thursday, August 10, 2006


Buttonhole Bag question

What would happen if I used one strand of a bulky wool (instead of two) and used size 13 needles (instead of size 15)? Would it end up being thinner or flimsy? I definitely want a bag that will be stiff and stand up on it's own. Thanks!

I just tried to knit a buttonhole bag using one strand of Cascade 220. I ripped it out before I finished because it was so flimsy. I have reknitted it with 2 strands and you can tell the difference. I say just knit the bottom and see what you think of it. If you think the bottom feels good then you can go ahead and knit the rest of the bag and it will probably feel the way you want it to feel.
You could also just do the bottom with double. I've done that on felted bags before.
use 3 strands of wool, works fine
I made a bag with only 1 strand and size 13 needles, it was a baby button hole and very flimsy.
Thanks! Off to my LYS right now!
I made mine out of 2 strands of worstened weight wool & size 10.5 needles, as they are the largest circs I own. The fabric came out fab, though I did have to felt it twice. Mine's longer than it is high, in a sort of not-balanced sort of way, but I think it's plenty sturdy for what I wanted it to be, another sock knitting bag. I'm planning on making one or two more, and I'll just use the 2 strands of ww again.
FWIW, I went and bought a 3rd skein in a different color to spice things up a bit. I have to say, it's turning out lovely and it's MUCH sturdier with 2 strands of bulky. I think the next one I knit will be with WW but I'll use 3 strands to get that firmness. Probably will play with the size a bit too. They're so fast and fun, they'll probably make appearances at Xmas!

Thanks again for the advice.
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