Thursday, August 10, 2006


Another Ballband

I really like the colors in this one and the way they pooled...these are pretty fun to make....

now I'm working on the Baby Bib O' Love.....


That reminds me of a popsicle. Yum!
That looks great. The colors kind of remind me of Super Man icecream.

Please tell us the colours you used and whether they're Peaches n' Creme or Sugar 'n Creme?

Thanks! I think this one's lovely.
you know...I'm not totally sure..the turquoise is Lionbrand....the vareigrated reds and yellows is either Peaches and cream or sugar and cream..I actually got them as part of a bag of mill ends...and they had no labels....all I know is that they are 100% cotton...I did see what appeared to be the same stuff yesterday at Micheals though...I just didn't notice if it was Peaches or Sugar...
Take a look on the bag your mill ends came in. If they are like mine, (that I got at AC Moore for $5 for a 1 lb bag), it says made in Canada, or product of Canada. IF so, then it's Sugar and Cream, because Sugar and Cream is made in Canada. Peaches and Cream is made in North Carolina. ALso, the ones I got match PERFECTLY with all the color schemes made by Sugar and Cream. I know, because every time I buy a different one, I go to the balls of Sugar and Cream and match it up, so I know the name. It's one of my little quirks, I guess. Anyhow, I'm betting you have big bags of Sugar and Cream. Quite a bargain, ain't it??
yes ..I checked at the store today and it does appear to be Sugar and Cream......i didn't realize that about S & C in Canada..and P & C in NC......very interesting ...LOL....and yes it was a great deal...I was at AC Moore today but they didn't hAve any more of the cotton mill ends..only some ugly Acrylic bags...
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