Saturday, August 12, 2006


Ball Band Madness!

Here are 8 of my Ball band warshrags----there are 4 more that didn't make it into the pic! I've got scrubbies made to go with each cloth (tulle carried along w/ the cotton) & will start some hand towels (to match) shortly.

I also have some Canepone en route from elann that I'm dying to try the moss grid pattern with.

wow, i really want to see the you have any photos? a blog? where do you get the it a ribbon or something?
I'll see if I can get a pic on my blog later on but they're sinfully easy.

Tulle can be found at any craft store (or most major ones)usually in the bridal section. I buy it on a roll & then cut it into 1" strips.

I CO anywhere from 20-30 stitches on size 8 needles & knit the first row w/ just cotton yarn. Row 2---I carry the tulle w/the cotton & knit until it's the size I want. Knit the last row w/ just cotton & then BO. I've been making them in a square shape but have also done them in a rectangle & then sewed up the sides & top so it's like a little mitt.
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