Saturday, August 12, 2006


Kimono question

My friend will be adopting a baby girl from Taiwan next month and I really want to have a sweet kimono knitted for her when they get home. For those of you who have knit a kimono directly from the pattern, what size of baby does it fit? I sure hope that I don't have to make alterations to the pattern. That makes me nervous just thinking about it. Must...

It's pretty much infant-sized. Even though it's a kimono and kind of adjustable, the sleeves and armholes are tiny. So if the baby is a month or two old, you may want to adjust it.

I've never adjusted the gauge on a wearable project before so unfortunately I don't have any tips on that.
Thanks...that's a start. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to adjust for an older baby?
I'm knitting 1 for an older baby (nonspecific age). I cast on 60 stitches, knit the body to a length of 5.5in before CO for sleeves (added 8 extra stitches), & the sleeves will have a depth of 5.5in at the cuff. You could also use bigger needles and/or bigger yarn. HTH!
It probably depends on your gauge. How tight do you knit? You might try just using a larger needle. The cotton has a lot of give, but probably needs to be hand washed or at least not dried all the way in the dryer.
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