Friday, August 11, 2006


Finally! I completed my moss grid hand towel

MDK moss grid hand towel - finished!I say finally because I am a slow knitter and don't seem to find much time to knit. I really enjoyed making this and plan to make several more. I ordered needles and when they arrive I'll be casting on another using the Canapone Hemp from Elann. For more about the Hand towel and other knitting adventures please visit my blog. :)

I really enjoy this knit along, seeing all the projects and comments from everyone.

On the needles: cap, ballband, and absorba. Happy Knitting! Bobbi

I too love this hand towel and am currently working on one in Cannapone Hemp - it's great to work with, though I do have to rip it all out and start over as on a size 5 needle it seems too loose and lacy - I think I will go down to a 3 and see how that works
Is this in the Hemp or Cotton?
This is in the Euroflax Linen the pattern calls for. I used US size 4 needles, one size smaller than the pattern calls for
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