Saturday, August 12, 2006


Log Cabin Center Block

I just have to finish one more warshrag for a friend's houswarming gift and then I'm starting a log cabin for my dad's 50th Birthday in January (giving myself PLENTY of time). The thing is, for the yarn I chose I picked 4 colors (two grays, two greens) and I don't have anything for the center block. How much would it mess up my guage if I knitted the center block with two different colors held together? Or would it look funny if I did it in one of the four? I just don't want to buy one more skein of yarn for just one center block (I"m down on my stash!). Any suggestions?

I do think it would cause gauge problems for you to knit with two together just for the center block. If you absolutely don't want to get another color, I'd do the center block with whatever color, of the 4, that won't "touch" it. Hope that makes sense.
I would NOT use one of the four colors you have. combining two of the colors would be my last choice, if I really couldn't buy some yarn for the center block. But you don't need a lot for those. I would use some red, because it is tradidional and goes well with green and grey. But in the end it's your choice and your Log Cabin. Have fun!
I wouldn't use two of the colors held together either. I'm with Monika I'd buy another color. But if you really don't want to what about stripping the center block? Knitting it with two of the colors and switch after two rows? Good luck!
I'm going to stripe it, thanks so much!
I was going to suggest striping too! Another alternative would be to knit four triangles to make a square - then you could use as many of your other colors as you want. Now that I say that out loud (figuratively of course) you could do two triangles to make up the square too. Or you could do the square half one color and half another. So many options right at your fingertips!!
I would go with stripes or a mitred-square center block, then you could use all 4 in different combinations.
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