Sunday, August 13, 2006


an idea for a circular afghan

I was playing with the circle rug pattern for a tree skirt (I'll post when done) and I remembered an old blanket my brother had as a kid that was circular. So here is my first try in the purple. I didn't like how the ridges looked. I am playing with washcloth size so I can see the look. What I am looking to do is make the "spokes" black and the pies wedges bright primary colors. That is if I can find a good yarn in all the colors I want. The second try (the cream one)I did a stockinette stitch and garter stitch border and for the center I picked up stitches and mixed rows of knit and K2 tog. Let me know what you think.

For yarn, check out They have a bunch of different fibers in a TON of colors. Plus they're very inexpensive, and great quality.
That is fantastic!!! I love the colors on the beige blanket. It reminds me of an heirloom thats color has faded from numerous washings. Very antique-y. Lovely work:)
For primaries, try Reynolds Saucy (if you want cotton), I did a primaries baby blanket posted a while ago, it is fairly cheap and knits up easily
I LOVE the top one. You did a great job.
I have to agree with Dee. I like the design of the top one.
I like the second one, the cream one, better. It's easier to see the divisions, and how cool they are--and the garter border sets it off. It'd look great in primary colors with a black background. Very masculine. :-)
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